B l a c k S e a V i l l a

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This 3000 square meter villa is situated on the picturesque Black Sea coast at the foot of the mountain range in the city of Pharos, Ukraine.

The design is as simple and clean as possible in order to functionally ensure harmony between the inner and the external space. The building has an elongated rectangular shape to take full advantage of the view and to provide abundant natural lighting.

The dominant feature of the building is a double height lounge with striking volume and a world window. This space prepares a visitor for the incredible view from the terrace.

The first-floor residential component highlights the harmony of nature. Each room has an individual sea view. The secondfloor entertainment component includes extensive amenities, namely: swimming pool, sauna, gym, bar, billiard room and Jacuzzi. The second floor also contains an exit to the inner park as well as three guest rooms.