• G r e a t

    G r e a t

    The idea of the complex GREAT is “a city in a park”. The concept of Great is based on the…

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  • U n i t S e v e n

    U n i t S e v e n

    The facade is the face of the shopping and office center, an important component of success, which provides a true…

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  • Status_grad_12

    S t a t u s G r a d

    The concept of "Status Grad" is the idea of a modern residential complex of business class on the left bank…

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  • ALP_1

    T o w n h o u s e A l p s H o u s e

    Rinterpretation of the style of "chalet" is the main idea of c reating ALPHOUSE. Calmness and comfort characterize this style.…

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  • V i l l a B O X

    V i l l a B O X

    VILLA BOX is an architectural experiment, the design of which reflects the philosophy of the "Rubik's Cube". The mechanical puzzle,…

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  • T a s h k e n t C i t y

    T a s h k e n t C i t y

    The compositional concept solution of the elite residential district "TASHKENT CITY" (Zone 1) was based on the integration the complex…

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  • Villa_1

    B l a c k S e a V i l l a

    This 3000 square meter villa is situated on the picturesque Black Sea coast at the foot of the mountain range…

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  • S t a d i u m D y n a m o K y i v

    S t a d i u m D y n a m o K y i v

    The concept of the Dynamo Kyiv stadium is a new format for watching sporting events. This is achieved by integrating…

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