The initial stage of design on which main architectural decisions are made. This stage is a basis for determining architectural image, previous technical and economic indicators and effectiveness of the project for the subsequent stages of design. Our conceptual solutions take into account features and conditions.

Architectural solutions

Working on the project, we create a working group, uniting in one team architects, designers, designers and engineers of various directions, that allows us to achieve the optimal solution from aesthetic, functional and engineering points of view. Our specialists execute design of any complexity.

Interior design

Our aim in interior design - to provide convenience, functionality and aesthetic interaction between the person and the environment. We create a space that is not only pleasant to look at, but where you would like to live, work and relax.

Architectural supervision

We pay much attention to the architectural supervision of the construction object for final effective implementation of architectural solutions. Moreover, we monitor that the works are performed in accordance with the project plan and participate actively in the materials selection.

3D visualization

Visualization allows to see the future project and realistic display of architectural and design ideas. We model and create visualizations of our projects, which could be used by the customer for advertising and demonstration purposes.

Facade’s restyling

Restyling of the facades - is one of the steps to change the general view of the constructed or new projects of the developer and make them more recognizable. We are working on creating original, recognizable style of the residential complex.