Emphasis among typical buildings
Type: Residential complex
Year: 2021
Size: 4800 sq.m.
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Services: Concept

The residential complex is located on the left bank of the capital among the existing buildings 50-60 years old. Our task was to offer a dynamic and modern architectural solution within the urban situation of the quarter. This will serve as an impulse for further renovation of the area of ​​the same type of faceless prefabricated houses.

The concept provides for the construction of 70 apartments of high comfort class and providing each apartment with a parking space.

Emphasis was placed on the facade solutions of the residential complex. The principle of forming the facades was a combination of architectural styles, which was embodied in the division of the building into two volumes. One of them reflects a static, the other – a dynamic image of the house. This eclectic solution gives the building more expressiveness and individuality.

Client Private
Type Residential complex
Year 2021
Size 4800 sq.m.
Location Kyiv, Ukraine
Services Concept