European tradition
Type: Residential complex
Year: 2021
Size: 4430 sq.m.
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Services: Concept, Project

The residential complex is designed on the right bank of the Dnieper and is an example of reproducing of the traditions of European architecture.

This location prompted us to make concise solutions that would fit organically into the neighborhood. At the same time, each house must have its own face and meet the requirements of the time, so the upper volume of the building is proposed to be decorated with modern materials. In this part we have made two-level apartments with private terraces, which corresponds to modern architectural trends.

In total, the complex has 8 floors with 56 apartments and an underground parking.

On the facade we used clinker bricks and colors, which are typical of the historical part of the city.

The large-format stained-glass system on the ground floor integrates the building into the existing urban environment and adds opportunities for active social interaction between the residents of the complex and the city.

Client Private
Type Residential complex
Year 2021
Size 4430 sq.m.
Location Kyiv, Ukraine
Services Concept, Project