Accent complex of a modern city
Type: Multifunctional complex
Year: 2021
Size: 16300 sq.m.
Services: Concept, Project

The architecture of the complex was based on a laconic structural facade module, which looks like a grid. For the comfort of such a solution, we were able to create open balconies that would increase the comfort of residents. The accent of the building is a built in cube, where there are apartments with a terrace, which gives the complex its own identity.

The concept includes 270 apartments with additional functions for their maintenance, as well as underground parking and commercial premises.

Our tasks were not only to create a new living space, but to expand it for a more attractive and more open-minded one. For this purpose, on the first two surfaces of the commercial squares, the facades are actively sloped, so that the open space of the street is visually suitable for walking.

Client Private
Type Multifunctional complex
Year 2021
Size 16300 sq.m.
Location Kyiv, Ukraine
Services Concept, Project