Tashkent City

Residential district in the heart of Uzbekistan
Type: Residential complex
Year: 2018
Size: 270 000 sq. m.
Location: Tashkent
Services: Concept

TASHKENT CITY is the international business center of Uzbekistan`s capital, which creates a business zone that combines business, luxury apartments and leisure.

Zone 1 is part of the TASHKENT CITY urban development solution, a redevelopment of Tashkent city center. It was extremely important for our team to integrate the complex organically into the overall idea of ​​urban renewal.

The elite residential quarter embodied the idea of ​​creating an urban eco-environment where residential towers symbolize trees and green “wide” gaps between the towers combine the courtyard space of the complex with the park area – the core of the development.

As a basis for the planning solutions of the sections, we used the motifs of Uzbek ornaments inherent in the local ethnoculture, which formed a dynamic image of the houses and at the same time created unique views from the windows of the apartments.

Client Group of companies "AKFA"
Type Residential complex
Year 2018
Size 270 000 sq. m.
Location Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Services Concept
Аwards First place in the nomination "Multi-storey residential buildings" (projects) from the National Union of Architects, 2019 year