Picturesque green area with lakes connected by a canal
Type: Multifunctional complex
Year: 2021
Size: 19 963 sq. m.
Location: Kyiv
Services: Concept, Project

The multifunctional complex “Venice” will be located in Kyiv in a picturesque green area with lakes connected by a canal. According to the architects, two parts of the building stand on the banks of the reservoir, and the third – connects them, overhanging the canal, forming a cozy public space.

On the first two floors there will be commercial premises, from the third to the tenth inclusive – apartments. The complex has two one-storey car parks. The bridge structure opens up space and becomes a continuation of the existing embankment

Client Private
Type Multifunctional complex
Year 2021
Size 19 963 sq. m.
Location Kyiv
Services Concept, Project