Club house with historical colors
Type: Club house
Year: 2022
Size: 2950 sq.m.
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Services: Concept

The area for a premium-class house is located on the right bank of the Dnieper, near the park area with prominent historical monuments.

The task of this project was to integrate organically into the existing environment without disturbing the historical environment of the site. We analyzed the architecture of the surrounding buildings and decided to fit the building as much as possible at the expense of materials used in past centuries, but at the same time would create a modern design of the facade. Another feature of the project is the use of oxidized copper facade, which will also eventually give the residential complex an attractive color of a historical building.

Regarding apartment planning, we decided to place three apartments on all floors. Each apartment has all the necessary functional components that meet the requirements of the “premium” level.

To create the maximum view from the upper floors of the house, we have designed beveled at an angle volumes that provide the maximum perspective of contemplation of the unique landscapes of historic Kiev.

Client Private
Type Club house
Year 2022
Size 2950 sq.m.
Location Kyiv, Ukraine
Services Concept